From the recording Boondein

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A Ravi Iyer & K C Loy collaboration

Ravi captivates his audiences with classical Hindustani-Carnatic strains, sprinkled on Jazz, Blues & Rock, while Loy enthrals them with his passionate, Indie lyrical–melodies, influenced by Bollywood, Indian folk and Rock.
Having been long-time friends and fans of each other’s works, they wondered, ‘what would their collaboration sound like?’
Ravi, presented Loy with his composition, based on the relaxing yet powerful raga Bhairavi, fused with mainstream Blues, aptly named, “Bhairavi-blues”.
Its arid tones and soulful riffs spoke to Loy of sadness, despair, angst and prayer. He knew, instantly, the melody had to be hard hitting and the message, clear.
Gritty & real lyrics started to drizzle, drop by drop on paper.
They both knew, in that divine moment, an unforgettable song was about to be born.
… BOONDEIN (water droplets)
The title is an antithesis to the song, which is really about paucity of water.
The song sings of the tears of the ‘suffering millions’ while a fortunate lot, thoughtlessly, splurge away this precious, life-sustaining liquid.
It is a prayer to the peoples of our world…
…This song will be sung through time!