From the recording Holocaust - Ravi Iyer

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Holocaust lyrics has germed from a school student which shaped into this composition by Ravi Iyer.

Children are the future of tomorrow and a deep rooted thought of this nature will only help them achieve the best in the future.

Let's pledge to preserve our environment, our wildlife and most of all preserve and safeguard humanity!!!

Song Title: Holocaust

Lyrics: Sanyukta Singh

Composer, Arranger. Producer: Ravi Iyer

Vocals: Ravi Iyer & Hitesh Kumar

Guitar: Ravi Iyer

Bass: Crosby Fernandes

Keyboard: Crehyl Pereira

Video Production: Zebra Crossing Films
Concept & Visualisation: Jishnu P Dev
Lead Motion Designer: Neville Mehta




The green leaves have turned brown
The butterflies have all drowned.

Birds have flown away, into oblivion
Chances of spotting a lemur, has become one in a million.

Life.. as we know, it’s dying as we speak.
All natural bodies, are becoming weak.

Jungles we used to know, have become concrete.
Kind hearted empathetic souls, have become obsolete.

Chorus :

Our smiles have faded..
Our sprints have drained..
Our freedom is caged..
Our hearts have stained..