From the recording Save My World

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"Save My World", a song that was written and composed by Ravi Iyer. This song is about consciousness and it's journey through the human mind, beginning from the dark side and eventually evolving into the light. This is a prayer full of hope for us all.


Save My World (Lyrics)

I don’t wanna call the shots,
When my conscience is defeated.

Here I am again,
With all my strengths they’re seeded.

I shot a man down! It was cruel!
Now I wanna, Save My World!

I thought I’d earn some easy money,
Yeah! It’s such a cool thing to do.

Release my hunger for power,
I get the whole world in my pocket.

Destroying mankind! It’s in my religion!
Now I wanna, Save My World!

Now I feel rejuvenated,
I can’t bear the cries, unnumbered.

I listen to my inner-conscience,
Gotta go through this self proclaimed redemption.

I wanna start all over again!
And this is how I wanna do it!

Gotta take it, easy now!

I wanna Save My World!