1. Save My World

I am happy to present to you, the official music video for "Save My World", a song that was written and composed by me a long time ago. This song is about consciousness and it's journey through the human mind, beginning from the dark side and eventually evolving into the light. This is a prayer full of hope for us all.


Save My World (Lyrics)

I don’t wanna call the shots,
When my conscience is defeated.

Here I am again,
With all my strengths they’re seeded.

I shot a man down! It was cruel!
Now I wanna, Save My World!

I thought I’d earn some easy money,
Yeah! It’s such a cool thing to do.

Release my hunger for power,
I get the whole world in my pocket.

Destroying mankind! It’s in my religion!
Now I wanna, Save My World!

Now I feel rejuvenated,
I can’t bear the cries, unnumbered.

I listen to my inner-conscience,
Gotta go through this self proclaimed redemption.

I wanna start all over again!
And this is how I wanna do it!

Gotta take it, easy now!
I wanna Save My World!