1. Holocaust

Holocaust lyrics has germed from a school student which shaped into this composition by Ravi Iyer. Children are the future of tomorrow and a deep rooted thought of this nature will only help them achieve, make a change for the better.
Let's pledge to preserve our environment, our wildlife and most of all preserve and safeguard humanity!!!
Song Title: Holocaust
Lyrics: Sanyukta Singh
Composer, Arranger. Producer: Ravi Iyer
Vocals: Ravi Iyer & Hitesh Kumar
Guitar: Ravi Iyer
Bass: Crosby Fernandes
Keyboard: Crehyl Pereira
Video Production: Zebra Crossing Films Concept & Visualisation: Jishnu P Dev Lead Motion Designer: Neville Mehta


The green leaves have turned brown
The butterflies have all drowned.
Birds have flown away, into oblivion.
Chances of spotting a lemur, has become one in a million.
Life.. as we know, it’s dying as we speak.
All natural bodies, are becoming weak.
Jungles we used to know, have become concrete.
Kind hearted empathetic souls, have become obsolete.
Chorus : Our smiles have faded.. Our sprints have drained.. Our freedom is caged.. Our hearts have stained.. 
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Ravi Iyer @ www.raviiyerfusion.com
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