My musical moments at Kala Dongur (Kutch)

My musical moments at Kala Dongur (Kutch)


 Exactly a year has gone by, since my co-rider friend Suyash Mohan and me embarked on a road trip on our Royal Enfield Motorcycles. We decided to leave early morning on the 1…

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Originally penned by 

Mr. V.S. Arunachallam  (24thApril 1897 – 30thAugust 1956))







Do you know what it is that they call Liberty?

Ask him not of the shade if he knows not the Sun;

Ask him…

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To The Hero Of Hind

Tribute to my grandfather

 Mr. V.S. Arunachallam (24thApril 1897-30thAugust1956)


To The Hero Of Hind

Penned on 26th Jan 1946


Glorified Hero! Netaji dear!

Erstwhile dissenting from Congress fold,

Forlorn and jailed, yet far from fear,

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Do You Know Me?



Handwritten, and Art by Mr. V.S. Arunachallam (24thApril 1897 - 30th August 1956)



 Do You Know Me? (by V.S. Arunachalam)

Penned on 27th March 1946



When, in the garden walk, at eventide,


Where, from the rows of thorny…

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