My Guitar Collection

My Guitar Collection

My Vintage Pedals & New

My Vintage Pedals & New

My Custom Tube Amp & Load Box

My Custom Tube Amp & Load Box


Custom semi-hollow body twin-neck guitar  

Hand-crafted by Luthier Sunil Shinde  (Mumbai), India. Both guitar necks are six-strings necks and tuned to standard guitar tuning and alternate tuning (indian tuning system with the 1st and the 5th intervals) respectively. Loaded with Lindy Fralin Paf Pick –Ups.   

Electric Guitar: Paul Reed Smith  

Model: PRS 513 with stock pick ups 

Having been the brand ambassador for Paul Reed Smith Guitars courtesy Furtados Music (Mumbai, India), this guitar has been a personal favorite ever since.  

Greg Bennet Hollow – Body Jazz electric guitar  

Model: JZ2/N  

Loaded with a pair of Bare Knuckle  Muse Pick-Ups.  

Nylon String Guitar  

Model: Cordoba Mini M & Yamaha Classical  

Semi-Acoustic Guitar  

Model: PRS SE TX20E  


Guitar Pedals  

Most of the pedals are vintage analog pedals and my pedal-board comprises of the following pedals:  

Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal  

VerveTronix Elementary Series Compressor Pedal  

MXR Analog Chorus  

Ibanez DDl10  Dealy II  

Ibanez Analog Delay  

TC Electronics  Polytune2 Mini  

Carl Martin Buff Deluxe Buffer Pedal  

TC Electronics Ditto X4  Looper  

Electro-harmonix Hog 2 Harmonic Octave Generator Pedal  

Vervetronix, Power Supply, Dynamo X 

Electroharmonix Hog2

Boss Percussion Synthesizer PC-2


Guitar Amplifiers 

Custom Handwired Tube Amplifier by Calor Amplification  

18 Watts Head driving a 1x12 Speaker Cabinet loaded with 1x12 Celstion Greenback Speaker  

Vintage Fender 30 Spring Reverb dual channel head driving a 2x12 speaker cabinet by Calor amplification


Rivera Mini RockRec Load Box