Ravi Iyer & Collaboartion

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This is Ravi Iyer's official music video, where he has composed and arranged this fusion masterpiece and collaborated with the best of the musicians in the world fusion space. The video has been produced by Ravi Iyer along with MAWP Productions,

Highly thankful to the contributions by each musician, this music video is one of a kind where the musicians have been portrayed having an almost live like jugalbandhi with an already deceased legendary Painter/Artiste Respected Damodar Warrior for which he is again thankful to Aditya Warrior for using footages of his father's works.

Ustad Fazal Qureshi - Tabla/Bol

Dallas Smith (Reno, USA) - Saxophone

Gino Banks - Drums

Sheldon D'Silva - Bass

Kunal Naik - Morsing (Mouth Harp)

Ravi Iyer - Guitar

Special thanks: Aditya Warrior, Mytri Warrior, Sahil Kajale, Uday Kadkade and last but not the least K.C.Loy

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