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My musical moments at Kala Dongur (Kutch)


 Exactly a year has gone by, since my co-rider friend Suyash Mohan and me embarked on a road trip on our Royal Enfield Motorcycles. We decided to leave early morning on the 1stof Jan 2018, while many were still asleep totally contented with their 31steve parties.


Destination? …The historical and the most popular Rann of Kutch it was!


We sure have a unique combination, where I being a musician by profession and biking being my strongest passion and Suyash, a photographer and videographer.


In this post, I may not speak much about our trip then, but what urged me to write and highlight here was this unforgettable musical moment I had there.


We did experience the magical full moon night and the sunrise at the salt - crusted land popularly known as the White Rann. Not before we could still get over those magical moments, we were told not to miss the sunset as well.


So we decided to visit the famous Kala Dongur, which apparently is said to give you the best experience of watching a sunset. 


As we trekked up the Kala Dongur, what caught my attention immediately were these two middle aged street folk musicians performing to the tourists who visit there regularly. 


One of them was playing the Tanpura and the other was playing on an earthen pot covered with skin and a metal vessel like percussion instruments. He was singing in local language and was pure folk music. I instantly fell in love with their vibrations spearing into my ears, more so since I have always been a fanatic towards raw and less processed music.  There were very few bystanders who actually paid attention, and I just could not resist approaching these two artists.


My first instinct coaxed me to strike a conversation with them, asking them about what their instruments were called and some general topics we got engaged in. As we spoke the little percussionist in me very naturally and voluntarily got me exploring his instrument. The resonance of his percussion instrument got me beating the drum further and I simply loved the way it sounded. The gentlemen seemed to enjoy what I was playing and they too voluntarily began to sing another folk song. The moment grew in leaps, though for a short duration.  We thoroughly enjoyed that moment performing together and I parted with exhilaration.


But it doesn’t end there. While I was engaged in conversation and the music with them, I had no clue that this entire moment was being filmed. My able friend Suyash Mohan took this opportunity to video shoot us in all our honest moments.


All in all I will always cherish our trip to The Rann Of Kutch and these unforgettable musical moments I have had there. 


I look forward to many more like these in my future road trips and will be happy to share them with you all. Until soon, good-bye for now!





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