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Originally penned by 

Mr. V.S. Arunachallam  (24thApril 1897 – 30thAugust 1956))







Do you know what it is that they call Liberty?

Ask him not of the shade if he knows not the Sun;

Ask him not of the poor if to wealth born he be; 

Say the wise;

And likewise,


Ask him not of the thrall if he be slaver’s son,

For he knows naught of worth

Born with such mental dearth!


Have you seen land of Liberty true on this sphere?

Seek it not in the lands with the brute’s traditions;

 Do not stake

On mistake:


Seek it not in the realms boastful of possessions

Earnt by force or deceit,

Curbing heart’s noble beat!


Do you wish for a glimpse of this God’s greatest gift?

Look within! There it is in the shrine of your soul,

Hid by fears, factions mind and such foes of your lift!

Well construe;

‘Tis but true!


Tear the screens; glimpse the goal; wander not Pole to Pole:

God and Liberty are

In yourself, never far!


Copyrights @ Ravi Iyer



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