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Handwritten, and Art by Mr. V.S. Arunachallam (24thApril 1897 - 30th August 1956)



 Do You Know Me? (by V.S. Arunachalam)

Penned on 27th March 1946



When, in the garden walk, at eventide,


Where, from the rows of thorny bushes, peep


The friendly-blossomed roses blushing deep,


The lovers meet and each to each confide


And plan to capture me. I slip aside!


He thinks I did from lips to roses leap


And plucks and offers her a rose to keep


But how in death its glory can abide!


The subtler-witted Poet spies the game


Then, with a hope to lure and capture me


He culls his words from every spot of grace


But all his words, while raising him to fame


Disclose my being ever away and free


And ever a virgin throughout Time and Space!






2019-01-21 22:45:29 - Manisangsu Bhowmik
This is indeed a great treasure. This classical form of poetry is rare nowadays and yet so enduring once you read it. "And ever a virgin throughout Time and Space" Thanks for sharing
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