Ravi Iyer


Ravi Iyer

Born in the year 1968 and raised in Mumbai (India), I belong to an academically and musically inclined Tamil Brahmin family. At the tender age of 7, my stint with music began with learning the percussion instrument Tabla under the tutelage of Late Mr. Achrekar for a duration of 5 years. Later on, my instant calling to learn the guitar sparked  after I was introduced to the music of Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore. I instantly co-related with Ritchie Blackmore's playing style, his ideologies, and a way of life.There's been no looking back since then and i decided to pursue my learning in guitar music.

Indebted to my music teachers back then viz; (Late Mr. Vincente Bismarck Rodriguez), (Mr. Christopher Rodricks) and (Mr. John Timothy).

Having completed my Graduation in Physics, that period (80's) when academics was considered to be at the helm, pursuing  music as a profession seemed  like a fantasy. Being more of an introvert, having faced a rollercoaster of ups and downs in my life, I chose to be an independent musician, composer/producer and a music educator.

I am fortunate to have performed innumerable live concerts since the 90's in the rock and fusion genres, and been given various opportunities collaborating with various artists.

In my spare time I also delve in the psychological aspects of various ideologies, travel (an ardent biker that I am),  and yearn to contribute/collaborate in every other creative art form.

My website shares a host of my musical contributions, my blog in memory of my late grandfather Mr. V. S. Arunachalam (a poet, author and scientific philosopher sans name and fame), publishing some of his precious work which include prose, poetry and short stories, my personal blogs and if time and space permit, maybe some of my road trip diaries too.

I look forward to be musically connected with you always. Take a tour and  see you on the other side of the road less travelled!